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Thought Processes


I have horrible news for you friends. You are all rational people. It’s true, and inescapable. Our minds naturally rationalize, everyone’s. For everything we experience in a day, our mind seeks a causal connection between it and other events, and… Seek More

Naturalistic vs Heuristic


Could you explain what you mean by naturalistic and heuristic? A heuristic is a cognitive bias. It’s simply the rule set our brains form without even trying. Each of these “rules” was intuited to be an elemental component of the… Seek More

Analysis Paralysis


To begin with I will ask, are you all familiar with the phrase “analysis paralysis”? I have a friend who does this all the time. He cannot make a decision! I’d call it a brain cramp or strain when you… Seek More

Our Pattern of Engaging

Cognitive Bias

Human beings are not naturally “rational” creatures. We will not compromise our sense of our personal wellbeing, usually in favor of having highly accurate data. In the case of my own disorder, my brains inability to screen incoming sensory input… Seek More

Fractal Mirrors

Cognitive Bias

Metaphysics is the school of thought that deals with attempting to refine and clarify the concepts we use to understand reality. Even though we may not be able to see it directly, there is a quality, character or “shape” to… Seek More

Fabric of Consciousness

Cognitive Bias

So in short, there is a fabric of consciousness just as there is of space time. In truth, these two are identical. It’s not smooth. It’s not featureless. It’s not mechanistic. If anything it’s “bubbly”, like blood. So consciousness is… Seek More

Reality Unzips Your Program

Cognitive Bias

The reason a computer can read anything from a zip file, a file that has been reduced down to the minimal amount of data necessary, is that the greater bulk of information the file requires is implied implicitly to the… Seek More

Will to Compute

Cognitive Bias

What is the benefit of trojans, worms, and viruses on the multiversal level? On the multiversal level, there is a truth to our awareness that is so complex it can only be processed by reverse engineering the web itself. This is… Seek More



The dichotomy of either accident or intent is something in the wake of foundation thought… anthropomorphising the universe to justify preferences. We are our preferences. They need no justification. We exist as our own behavioural parameters and then proceed to… Seek More

A World We Imagine

Virtual Interaction Theory

Today we are talking about virtual interaction theory. We tend to convince ourselves that we interact with an objective world, that we perceive and evaluate people places and things exactly as they are. What do you think? Is this true?… Seek More