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Wonder and Amazement


Wonder and amazement in all. There is no evidence in any discipline to support that we must or even benefit from losing that stance. Some of the worlds famous geniuses have made statements suggesting that the greatness of their achievements… Seek More

Virtue and Vice


Yes, I have changed. I have reached a personal crisis, and it is here that I have had every idea or belief reduced to a bottom line. My instinct is fear. Now I have transcended that fear and thus transcended… Seek More

The Demiurge


The concept of the Demiurge is actually more broad than might be assumed. For most, belief system in the beginning was chaos. A formless or hyper ordered state beyond human comprehension, and the divine being, the first consciousness, tends to… Seek More

First Sexuality

Eros Sculpture

Why is it we can be open with a lover, but not with a parent? I have learned not to tell my Mom anything. Actually, that’s simple. It is one of the dark truths I don’t talk much on, because… Seek More

Always Contributing


There is no such thing as action and non action. The opposition there of, I mean. This is why non-action is such a good practice. When you step back from your acting, your words, or your agenda, like in meditation… Seek More

Be Not Ashamed


I’m wondering. How do we cope with so much shame going on? Cease identifying with the system, but we can’t take action based on that statement even if it’s clear. In hypnosis, they can’t use the suggestion “quit smoking” to… Seek More


Light Practice

The recent China quake, and before that Chile and Haiti. There is a general turmoil in earths psycho-sphere. The psycho-sphere is a composite force much as the geo-sphere is. Same as a nightmare, but with what humans would consider more… Seek More

Psychology Of Shadow People

Shadow People

Now, I will go into the psychology of shadow people. They are often perceived as evil/malevolent, and this echoes human psychic reactions. They aren’t friendly, nor are they dangerous. You may perceive that they don’t like you, and you would… Seek More

Cure For Worry


Curiosity seems like something everyone understands, yes? Yes, wanting to know stuff. Seems like it. Exploration. It has greater depth and breadth than people usually consider, and is perhaps even more primal than intellectual motivation. We don’t just want to… Seek More

Being Fully Present


We all have our own reality shaped by our current and past experiences. My perception is as real to me as another’s is to them. This is true, but can you say you are fully engaged in your personal perception?… Seek More