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Field of Mind

Remote Viewing

Synchronicity is a rule. Psychic forces actualize. An aspect of remote viewing is seeing an “object” that isn’t and can’t be present at the site, but is a true presence at the site. Like a state of mind in the residents,… Seek More

Beings Cloaked in Illusion


To date, even in modern parapsychology, much of the old understanding of angelic powers is gone. There are still reported encounters or sightings of unknown beings that behave much like the “angels” of old. Though without any seeming divine agenda… Seek More

Reality to Experience


Maybe nations are the gullible ones? An old acquaintance of mine once said, and you might recognize this from ‘Men in Black’ also, one person can be smart, crowds are stupid. So, yes. Just last Christmas, there was no emergency,… Seek More

Double Life


Most people find living with parents once out of the nest even more frustrating, because they start to treat you like a child again. Both parties change, and yet sometimes expect you to fall back in to old patterns. Do… Seek More

It’s A Game


The topic is play. Plato has a saying and I’ll paraphrase. He said you can learn more about a person from an hour of play than a year of conversation. What do you think of this friends? Yeahhh, get me… Seek More

Life With Reverence


I’ve often wondered if laws are a stop gap compensating for the lack of insight because of how we have objectified everything. With no reverence we need laws? With reverence you could not disrespect your neighbour, and of course bad… Seek More

Use Of Metaphor


I chose the topic of metaphor, because all metaphysical practices as well as paranormal and spiritual experience includes it. It has nothing directly to do with the truth or falsehood of any experience. This is part of why some people… Seek More

Doing It Wrong


My interest is in postulating what personal benefits might be expected in a given framework by purposefully introducing the seed of chaos into an otherwise stable system? Doing it wrong? I help my wife “do it wrong”. It goes surprisingly… Seek More

Psychic Jungle

Psychic Hazards

On the psychic level, you have orders of life even more diverse than the biological. DNA is really a limited medium to be honest, but these psychic entities have many behaviours in common with organic creatures. Hunting, reproduction, seeking shelter,… Seek More

Psychic Forms

Psychic Hazards

Is there some protection from psychic entities when people gather in churches during disaster and unrest? There is, though often that fails. Churches that are genuine safe zones are pretty rare. When the church is the working residence of a… Seek More