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World Before Form

Dragon Lore

Dragon lore is very old. It actually even extends into human prehistory. All cultures across the world speak of a time before the form and order of today’s world was “fixed”, and of powers dwelling in the world that predate… Seek More

Dragons Way

Dragon Lore

It was said that a dragons roar could disturb the harmony of nature itself. They now know that animals are distressed before a seismic disturbance by an actual sound called “black noise”. A dragon roaring from the underworld? I might… Seek More

Dragon Power

Dragon Lore

Ultimately, in both schools of thought (and I find this very strange) whether monstrous or angelic, the dragon was said to have remarkable powers of healing and to grant wisdom. Autism, whether it’s attributed to environmental or medical abuses or… Seek More

Dragon Knowledge

Dragon Lore

Are dragons an entity akin to angels in the metaphysical world or a species of angel? They are not angels, but not beneath angels. In the beliefs that deal with dragons, there was always a path to meeting with dragons,… Seek More

Dragon Guidance

Dragon Lore

What is your personal take on the whole modern resurgence, or rather, a reworking of dragon myth for modern man in the reptilian theory? Well, the humanizing is a semi-enlightenment. The alien conspiracy phobia is a crock though, and really… Seek More

Evil Is Spam


Most channelled messages to date are largely junk mail or poorly translated communications, like trying to understand what they call English. Our minds are powerful beyond our beliefs. Indeed. We just need to use them, and to use them we… Seek More

Choose from the Web


Crow is a liberator, a herald of change. After crow comes the great serpent, also known as the dragon. I’ve had a serpent coil round my body, and I could feel it squeezing the breath out of me. Yes, again a warning,… Seek More

Angelic Dark Orders

Dark Angel

Angel lore is very old. Some form of the concept of angel has existed in every culture. The word itself is derived from a Greek word, angelos, and was not even the word used by the Jewish culture we typically… Seek More