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Fully Awake


Everything that’s going to happen already has, space-time? Yes, but it’s alive. So yes, blood is going to my feet, it is going to my brain too. You can own up to it all, and be whole in space time.… Seek More

Rule of Law


Here is an interesting fact. Before this age of nations, in the feudal era (feudal = war) there was war, but the total body of deaths is dwarfed by just the Vietnam war and that wasn’t even considered a world… Seek More

Potential For Vibrant Life


What there is on the outside of habit is stress. Stress has two components, but in general the human species avoids both. There is the positive stress of an accomplishment of novel thought or action. This is called eustress, and… Seek More

Gypsy Magick


Tonight’s topic is Gypsy Magick. It’s kind of a hard topic to talk about as they do not have a single tradition. They are not a single tribe for one, and they do not all engage in entertainment for a… Seek More

Abyssal Tide

Dark Omens

Perhaps a wider domain of dark omens, the abyssal tide. Shall we? The abyss has always existed. It existed even before our world as we know it. It is a state of being inhabited by countless entities, many of which… Seek More

Constantly Entertained


Entertainment. What is entertainment? Something that stimulates your attention and emotional response. Walking through the woods. That can be done in a receptive state. Something that draws you in so you stop thinking about yourself. Watching the squirrel leap over… Seek More

Suggest Back


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. The Word was God not in the literal sense. The internalized self-talk or self-stimulation is this force some call God, and you didn’t start it nor can you stop… Seek More

Philosophical Zombie


There is a concept. It’s called the philosophical zombie. It’s a scenario where you have every process of awareness, and the figurative zombie reports experiencing everything anyone else might, but they lack self-awareness. Some say those with autism fit that… Seek More

Favourite Entertainments Linked to Chronic Events


If anyone would care to offer, tell me about your favourite entertainments and I can tell you about the most chronic events in your life. Repeating or repetitive. Recurrent. I like science shows, business shows, and anything that makes me… Seek More

Foreign Sort of Reason

Fairy Tales

Shall we discuss fairy tales? First things first, they are not necessarily about fairies, though they can include them. They are about fates, and fairies are typically involved in many of the old tales. What are your experiences of fairy… Seek More