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Life of Gratitude


Imagine a life of gratitude? For what we are. For what we can do. For what we can experience. Would that be a selfish life? Why are we taught it is? Really, the secret of gratitude isn’t a secret. It’s… Seek More

Body Image


Here is a way to trigger/test your intuition. Consider your body. Just feel it, don’t think. Just be in your body. What is the first thing you know? No thinking. Just feel it and what do you know about your… Seek More

Psychic Paths: Part 1

Dark Practice

There are more paths than this. You may find in your practice that the reflective work is not clicking. There are common elements of the mind, but there are notable deviations also. Mine is one such. The Greeks used to… Seek More

Idea of Perfection


Many people in life strive for perfection which can be any loosely defined notion. The very word itself is heavily loaded. Some believe that personal perfection is impossible to attain. They see it as an impossible state, but can perfection… Seek More

Documented Record for Ancient Lore


Literacy is interesting. Previously the only sanctioned literacy was of the priesthood, and only of the sacred texts. The word “talisman” was a reference to magicians marks, or to make marks like a magician. Tally was to make marks on… Seek More

Co-Creation with Spirits


There is co creating with specific non-incarnated entities. It is common, and it is the foundation of concepts that motivate things like Japanese filial piety. They work with us all the time. They tend to work more than we do. The… Seek More

Life in a Graveyard


There are things that inhabit graveyards, and just not the spirits of the dead. Though the dead aren’t hedged from graveyards either. I once saw one of the dead arguing with a lemure. Lemure is a Roman term, refered to… Seek More

Spiritual is Animal


For me daily, my muscles behave as if I have done hard labour all day upon waking. I never seem relaxed, and for all intents and purposes I never am. I have a somatic instinct. My shape even seems to change… Seek More



There can be said to be two paths in the world. In the Cabala, they are called the pillar of mercy and the pillar of severity, but in fact there are three points. They are only opposed in the minds of… Seek More

What Matters?


Which matters more, money or the ones you love? Which matters more, stability or growth that keeps up with the communities needs? Money doesn’t do much on its own. It is largely a meaningless number in a bank if you… Seek More