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Familiar Companions


Familiar spirits is not unlike the term kindred spirits. It’s even sort of like the concept of soul mates. It’s basically the idea that birds of a feather flock together. That as you are spiritually, so you connected to other… Seek More

Modern Magic


I see Carl Jung as having been an excellent scientist, a definite peer to Einstein. Though their focuses were different, their understanding of the minds role in the world was the same. Basically, they were modern wizards, and they weren’t… Seek More

Rainbow of Magic

Colors of Magick

You have probably heard the terms “white magic” and “black magic.” What are your thoughts on that? Doesn’t the black and white model seem really off? The conventional notion is that white is good, and black is bad. It’s in all… Seek More

Trust The Monkey Mind


Side note. They did give chimpanzees a computer game to play. A simple puzzle, but it was something even humans would find a bit challenging, and if they won, they got a treat. It was a test of their short… Seek More

Unifying First And Second Life

Any questions about unifying the first and second life? If you are willing, share with me a fantasy and I can tell you about a basic part of your waking life. Mine is in my role playing. I would love… Seek More

World In Stillness


We all are familiar with at least some stories of famous mystics, shamans, sages, of one form or another. At the very least, we have all heard some fairy tales. They are marked by something other than their great spiritual… Seek More

Fae World


The Fae world doesn’t follow the same cycles as the human world does. They exist on earth, but in a mirror of the earth we know. Our daytime is not theirs. Why do humans have such a short life compared… Seek More

Fairy Tale


In Fae earth, the domains of life are less rigidly separated. The sea doesn’t have the strict physical conditions it does here, nor does the air, or the earth itself, and Fae claim much more of their world for their… Seek More

Ritual for Deconstructive Purpose

Twisted Ritual

Dark Metaphysics has been about the dark side of metaphysics and magickal practice. I mean to explore all the things that people find spooky about what might be happening in the magickal word and among magicians. Today, we are talking… Seek More

Foreign Sort of Reason

Fairy Tales

Shall we discuss fairy tales? First things first, they are not necessarily about fairies, though they can include them. They are about fates, and fairies are typically involved in many of the old tales. What are your experiences of fairy… Seek More