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Trying Resolution


What would happen if you “imagined” you were happy? If you didn’t try to make yourself happy with your thinking? You just imagined you were happy? Do happy people say “I can’t deal with this?” Change what you imagine and… Seek More

Familiar Companions


Familiar spirits is not unlike the term kindred spirits. It’s even sort of like the concept of soul mates. It’s basically the idea that birds of a feather flock together. That as you are spiritually, so you connected to other… Seek More

Law of Sympathy with Familiar Spirits


We can perhaps call a familiar spirit if none have noticed us, and we can also select as well? One might not have the qualities I’m looking for. Yes, actually. If you want to connect more with say a primal… Seek More

Food Happiness


Happiness isn’t uniform, nor is it supposed to be. I give my son spaghetti, and in the moment of eating it he will be quite happy. Give me spaghetti, and I likely will be unmoved though eating it. Give me… Seek More

Source of Loneliness


Loneliness is interesting. People who are experiencing what they call loneliness say it’s because there are few or inadequate people in their circle of acquaintance/friendship/love, but how many people are out there that seem socially and emotionally very well connected,… Seek More

Pride vs Hubris


Pride is not a vice. I always laugh at the ascetics who speak of pride as if it were some great evil, but if you undertake any action with the conviction that it is right, there is an element of… Seek More

Free in Relationship


Freedom is a pretty complicated topic, though it would seem simple. Freedom is often sought in name, but people call a lot of things freedom. Often if someone says “I need my freedom”, it’s because they are about to self… Seek More

Twisted Intention


Sit your body wherever you like. What I would ask you, is where are you sitting in your mind, and how long have you been sitting there? Oh, 44 years. Long time to sit isn’t it? There is a basis for… Seek More

The Obsessed Eye

Obsession is to cling to something limited, and perhaps one of the most virulent obsessions is ego. I was recently asked by way of small talk “What do you do?” My first impulse was just not to answer the question,… Seek More

Final Say


I find people often say they had to make a decision for me. Is this really what they did? No. They do think they did though. What they did is ignore a path you were on. They didn’t see that… Seek More