Articles containing "Ghostly Realm"

Nephilim Behaviour


The nephilim bear the race memory of their elders, but otherwise show strong human inclinations as well, and tend to go to extremes of behaviour in each of their lives. How would one spot one of the nephilim among us?… Seek More

No Separation Between States


We are talking about the ghostly realm. It’s commonly talked about, but perhaps without much clarity. Maybe we can add some. Some think of the ghostly realm as some plane of existence removed from our location in real space, sort… Seek More

States of Being


The separation between matter and energy is also itself illusory, and everything we experience as having happened in this material realm also happens on these other realms, though there is a discontinuity as involves the issue of time. We think… Seek More

Dreams within Dreams


Shall we venture into the ghostly realm? Incarnating is like treading water. You have to invest a fair amount of your total energy into maintaining the physical state. Fortunately, reality as a whole is rather efficient at using energy, and… Seek More

Ghostly State


No state of being is off limits. With sufficient intention, one can exist in the ghost state virtually indefinitely. The passage of time is largely irrelevant, but the state of mind that we typically associate with the lost and confused… Seek More

Intervention in the Ghostly Realm


From time to time there is intervention in the ghostly realm. Who intervenes? Are there natives there directing the tourists? Yes. There are guides on this level, baby sitters if you will, and even what might be called well-adjusted citizens.… Seek More