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Taoist Practice


There are many allegories in Taoism and much like Greek Gnosticism it is heavily experience based, though there are a body of philosophers, referred to as sages, who are viewed as having deep insight into the Tao, like Chuang-Tzu and… Seek More



In Gnostic Christianity they speak of resurrection in the Gnostic sense, of being truly reborn into life. They see a life without knowledge of spirit as being among the dead, under the governance of Samael lord of the blind. a.k.a… Seek More

Finding your Path


How do I find my path? This is a question most people ask. In Taoism, they say if in anything you encounter resistance, it is not it, but yourself. You encounter resistance because you haven’t found the way of your… Seek More

Path in Hinduism


Hinduism is actually a blanket term for multiple spiritual paths. A common disposition among those who pursue most of the schools is that they don’t have a salvationist view. Most of them are more concerned with understanding as individuals than… Seek More

Gods and Divine Potential


What is the ‘god’ structure in Hinduism? That differs, but there are some principles across the board. One is the concept of a universal spirit called by many names, but not in a divisive way. More as a recognition of… Seek More

Hope Guides


Find what you want. Then acting on that, what would you do? Then do that. Do you wonder what else you should do? Wondering like that is doubt. Doubt is the opposite of hope. Hope guides, doubt bars the way.… Seek More

Mystical Approach to Christianity


The Christ Consciousness movement is a technically heretical view of Christian dogma. It’s sort of neo-Gnosticism. It focuses on the Christ and the Holy Spirit rather than the person of Jesus the Christ as a phenomenon, and had a Greek… Seek More

Second Hand Insight


Scientologists are selling the second hand insight, and require their parishioners to sign many legally binding forms before they can receive services. Their insights aren’t bogus, and in fact I encourage people myself to rephrase any insight they understand from… Seek More

The Demiurge


The concept of the Demiurge is actually more broad than might be assumed. For most, belief system in the beginning was chaos. A formless or hyper ordered state beyond human comprehension, and the divine being, the first consciousness, tends to… Seek More

Jewish Esotericism


The Kabbalah is Jewish esotericism. It’s a bit more widely known than people realize, and some of its arguments are arrived at and used by people who aren’t Kabbalists. The basic concept is that Gods essence is incomprehensible to us,… Seek More