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What is Manifestation?


People get lost or confused in trying to tackle the topic of manifestation, because it’s chock full of a lot of buzzwords and pop psychology, rationalization and no real look at the process. Is this your experience of manifesting? Things… Seek More

What is Gratitude?


I think the idea of gratitude is for the most part misunderstood. It is often seen as a humiliation. But if you think about it, there is nothing more ennobling. When you are in the experience of gratitude, you are… Seek More

Spiritual State


I have experienced a spiritual state. A variety of issues sort of gave me no choice. I used to suffer seizures, irregular theta waves. Those are what make you “unconscious” or at rest, but it wasn’t the sleep cycle. I wasn’t asleep.… Seek More

Meditation Practice


How often should we practice meditation? When you feel a lack of peace, return to center. When mind controls you, return to center. When you don’t know what you feel or what to do, return to center. How often are… Seek More

Sense of Place


The topic is sense of place and I don’t mean societal role but more of how where you are is a part of who you are, or rather who you see yourself to be. A lot of what you think… Seek More

Power of the Word


The subject is the power of the word. It isn’t the word of any doctrine or belief, but that factor of belief is a part of it. It is the creative power of speech, of articulating thought in words. Many… Seek More

Healing Connection


Perhaps less philosophical is therapeutic touch. Therapeutic touch has been found to reduce the nervous defence response. This is the biggest part of its healing benefit. They have done extensive studies on a phenomenon called biophilia. We inherently are comforted by life.… Seek More

Choice Beyond Thinking


Choice seems so readily obvious. People claim to make choices, and then complain about the consequences of those choices. We make choices every day if only minor ones, but do people really choose? Do they take the action that choice… Seek More

Buddhist Teaching


The eightfold path breaks down the aspects of life, and elaborates on how they are reached and what they are like. Most schools of Buddhist thought are not “dogmatic”, so you can find many texts with very broad opinions, even… Seek More

Native American Beliefs

Native American

Native American religion isn’t actually a unified religion. In a sense, there both were and were not multiple faiths in the United States before the arrival of European culture. Many facets of it have been observed to parallel the now… Seek More