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Use of Charms


Anyone care to give an example of what they might want to attract in their life? Sincerity? If you want to attract sincerity use symbols of truth, justice, balance. Like a scales, the sign of Libra, or a photo of… Seek More

Use of Past Lives

Past Lives

Why is it so important to know about our past lives as ‘now’ matters? In that you are connected to the world. When you see how connected you are, it opens potentials, and you can relax your attachment to whatever… Seek More

Habits in Distress


Stress re-enforces habit big time. I daresay some people are so accustomed to their stress habits they forget they are stressed. As in a twitch, or as in running away? The whole spectrum, facial tick, running away, uncontrolled rage, self-harm, and… Seek More

Too Much Rest


We all seek comfort. Cling to it in the face of what we are told, and we often tell ourselves it is a cold cruel world. It can seem like life’s only saving grace, but comfort is both a great… Seek More

Self Experience


I find that rest and growth come in cycles. As if spirit is directing all sorts of synchronicity, and then once the information has been received the rest begins to integrate what was taken in. Yes, indeed. I have called… Seek More

Who Has Fear?


Is anyone experiencing an emotion in a chronic way that they don’t like? Yeah, would you define fear as an emotion? Yes, I would. I’m not fond of fear, and being introverted, it scares me to say something though it… Seek More

Who Is Impatient?


Everyone recall a time in which you were impatient. Everyone who stands in a line getting groceries?  Especially if you went shopping while you were hungry. Now ask yourself this, who is it that’s being impatient? The ego in a… Seek More

Who Is Me?


What is this me?  There is a simple practice of inquiry that can lead to very deep insight. What is this me, and who is asking? It’s me. Yes, but we often still get caught up in life, even if… Seek More

Good Enough


By definition, is anything you can observe, you? Or is it something you have? Are your body and mind somehow in charge? Did you see something beautiful today? You only saw yourself. Did you see something ugly? You also only… Seek More

Be Not Ashamed


I’m wondering. How do we cope with so much shame going on? Cease identifying with the system, but we can’t take action based on that statement even if it’s clear. In hypnosis, they can’t use the suggestion “quit smoking” to… Seek More