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Pride vs Hubris


Pride is not a vice. I always laugh at the ascetics who speak of pride as if it were some great evil, but if you undertake any action with the conviction that it is right, there is an element of… Seek More

Have Pride


Doctors are notorious for their ego. I’m not sure what you’d call it, conceit I guess. But when your split second decision makes the difference between life and death, I can see how you almost have to be self centered… Seek More

Pride Finds No Fault


The “no you” idea always sets me off a bit. We are so programmed to be self negating that it seems to be reverse arrogance, false humility. It’s like saying we can’t be involved, or it’s beneath us because there… Seek More

Views of Pride


Pride is really sort of a controversial topic. We are warned against pride, like we will become our own Mr. Hyde if we take any enjoyment in what we are about, or what we do of our own free will. Yet people… Seek More

Mystery of Comfort


I heard a talk by someone who has become hated in the medical industry. Through freedom of information act he uncovered that anti-depressants are as useful as placebos, and they have the tests to show it. Is there such a… Seek More

Greater Whole


Synergy can be loosely defined as two or more things operating as a greater whole. In unity (and people are very much into the unity buzzword these days), reality cannot operate outside of its nature. Everything is constantly operating as… Seek More

Ideas Of Humility


What is humility? Modesty? In your experience friends, does nature show any preference for modesty? There are ideas of humility, and these ideas are indoctrinated into us quite thoroughly. Every effort is made to convince us that humility is a… Seek More

Expressed Only In Simplicity


We revile arrogance. Every instinct makes us shun the one who can not allow for the significance of others. This is good and valid, because arrogance is also a neurosis and the arrogant persons judgement is suspect. Can one have… Seek More

I Am I


In the case of savantism and a human being who never really gained the ability to identify self, because they did not arrive at the “I AM” stage of awareness… Their minds become a mirror of what is, or at… Seek More

Express Self


The Bible says (and I must paraphrase), “Whatever you do unto the least of these, my children. You do unto me also (read as God).” Humanity has shown an amazing and passionate contempt for consciousness in general, let alone their… Seek More