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Duty and Love


We do have a duty and the motive is love. Interestingly, love is not a passion. It transcends those dynamics. It is a principle that cannot be confined to the inner vortex of passions. Duty. If you understand the word,… Seek More

Divination & Positive Thinking


Divination is not foolishness. It’s just encoded intuitions about life. You get from divination the wisdom you bring to it. It is not a pointless exercise because the gnosis is there. When the student is ready the master appears. When… Seek More

Angels and Demons


Angels and demons are all the same, and humans just started dividing them all up with concepts of good and bad? Originally they were the powers that governed all aspects of life, literally all, even Nasragiel the keeper of the… Seek More

Our Inner Demons

Inner Demons

Inner demons. I’m not actually going to talk about what might seem to be implied by the topic, but I will be talking about inner demons. People say demons, and ghosts, and things, are just fantasies. Just in your head.… Seek More

Real Demons

Inner Demons

Whenever there is a “demonic” sighting they dismiss it as mass hysteria, and they are right in a sense. Mass hysteria is a great deal of stressful psychic energy, and this has been proven even scientifically. In patches of desert… Seek More

Born of Hate

Inner Demons

Are you familiar with the term synchronicity? We protect our inner demons because they have meaning for us. This is why we created them, and they do indeed manifest both as a social shift due to scapegoating, and as weird synchronicities… Seek More

From Obsession

Inner Demons

A Buddhist story. The monk says there are two wolves inside me. One is angry and fighting, the other is kind and gentle. He was asked which one will live, and his answer was the one I feed. The metaphor… Seek More

Master Your Demons

Inner Demons

Can inner demons be channelled a good way? Yes. In eastern beliefs, the Oni, a.k.a. demons, were crude, sort of dim witted and very violent. But they existed to enact the justice of heaven. They were moved when heaven recognized a… Seek More

Daemonic Contact


Mostly people interact with daemons on the psychic level as they broadcast much the same as we do. We share the psychic airwaves and is why we have ideas like “inner demons.” The daemons could just as easily say they have… Seek More

Extend Christmas Spirit To Your Inner Demons


Today’s language of things is taking us further and further away from the root words. Yes. Selling us watered down meaning. It isn’t a mystery why today’s teens seem so completely nihilistic, and they called my generation the Generation X.… Seek More