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Madness and Spirituality


Madness as it relates to spirituality. It is strange. They say the more you learn the less you know. The deeper the knowing goes the less you can say anything for certain and then when you are questioned people just… Seek More

What can we do?


We have become very lazy expecting everything to be explained and researched for us. Science claims to have avoided metaphysical speculation and this is one of the major lies of science. It isn’t malicious, but it also isn’t true. They… Seek More

Religion as Addiction


Is religion a new addiction of self image? Often times it is, from my observation. This is why modern organized religion is so troubled. In one case, I was taking my son to a daycare, very religious people and thought… Seek More

Meanings in Tarot


Pentacles in the minor arcana represent physical progress. Cups represent gathering, the first mystery of the heart. They are the suit in the minor arcana of the personal life in contrast to the physical or mental, and then wands which… Seek More

Is Satan Evil?


Satanism is a descriptor some people have applied to other beliefs versus a belief itself? It has evolved, and some have accepted the related ideas. Basic teachings of Satanism are: Ecstatic practices. Self acceptance. Embracing both the darkness and the… Seek More

Learning, Education, Enlightenment


When I give my talks I tend to just go with the flow of inspiration, regrettably it means I sometimes “leave no trace”, even in my own mind. I like the format of these discussions, going with the flow. It… Seek More

Ultimate Hubris


How many of you are in a tradition of some sort? I eat breakfast every day.   Yes the cult of breakfast, I sometimes venerate the flying spaghetti monster in that rite as my own personal heresy. I just left my… Seek More

Defeat in Worry


Worry is a very common mental habit, but it doesn’t add one bit to our effectiveness in dealing with things. We are encouraged to worry by social reinforcement. It’s supposedly how we show interest and investment in things, that we… Seek More

Way Out


In truth, there is no such thing as ‘no way out’. In Taoism they compare any situation to a storm. The storm is far more powerful than any human being. If it can’t persist then how can any block be… Seek More

What Is Is


The atheist views lack centralization or a strong professing membership for more reasons than intellectual cowardice, I think. I think though that atheism serves a useful purpose. We constructed Gods in a search for God, and found much about man.… Seek More