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Gratitude is …


There is a simpler word for gratitude, but the word is generally seen in a more abstract light. Gratitude is love. We didn’t make ourselves. We are not the source of our own advent. We still exist due to a… Seek More

Life’s Roller Coaster


With any facet of life, in the light of awareness there is a mirror image. For every truth, an equal and opposite truth. We often revile the negative as destructive. We say that is the opposite of what we want,… Seek More

Power of Ability


Ego thinks ‘I do’ and that by virtue of ‘myself‘ I must do everything. Thought is not self. Thought is process and we are “created in gods image”. All powerful. Which means we have the power of ability to do… Seek More

Psychic Paths: Part 1

Dark Practice

There are more paths than this. You may find in your practice that the reflective work is not clicking. There are common elements of the mind, but there are notable deviations also. Mine is one such. The Greeks used to… Seek More

Escaping Control


My own spiritual path is based not on abstaining from passion, but on embracing it. When you truly embrace it and let it consume you, you learn something surprising. This you it consumed is not “you”. Not the all encompassing… Seek More

Spiritual Nature of Distress


Many people consider the joy they find in the path, but if in distress they believe themselves to be off of the path. In fact our spiritual life moves in peace or in distress, in joy or in the “dark… Seek More

Our Place in the Moment


Any great truth, the most powerful truths, are in fact very simple and often even a child shows an understanding of them. They make us laugh and say “aw, how cute”, and often we ignore them also. This is regrettable… Seek More

Be Who You Are


Humour can help us let go. This is why it heals. It makes us take pain less seriously and in fact as strange as it may sound, if it still hurts that’s a good thing. You’re still alive. You can… Seek More

Many Minds in a Single Soul

In a sense, I am of two minds. It is even the focus of our MySpace comment. There are many minds in a single soul, but in truth reconciling I am of one mind. They say love is a law,… Seek More

Dance of Sound and Silence


All things are dance, and those truths we poke at are the song of the piper. Never winded. The wind is his breath. All voices his voice. At any given time someone is thinking, and someone is speaking. Someone might… Seek More