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Spirit Contact


We contact spirits in the same way we sense our loved ones at a distance. A divinatory method isn’t absolutely necessary. In fact, you are likely more in contact than you may have realized you are. The contained system we… Seek More

Power of the Word


The subject is the power of the word. It isn’t the word of any doctrine or belief, but that factor of belief is a part of it. It is the creative power of speech, of articulating thought in words. Many… Seek More

Forms of Words


What about those that can’t speak nor hear? They will speak in body language. The mudra is as powerful as the mantra. They are both language, and the more fully you express, the more powerful the expression. Helen Keller could… Seek More

What is Zen?


It is a commonly mistaken notion that Buddhists see the Buddha as especially divine. There is a school or two that does, but in fact the majority of Buddhist sects are almost agnostic as it regards deities. Zen would be… Seek More

Zen Practice


Ever see Zen art? They use simple ink and they refuse to draw from memory. They seek to trap the sense impression, so the images are very impressionistic. Suggesting the image of say a bird, because in fact as we move about… Seek More

The Keys of Alchemy


Did alchemists really try to change matter to something else like gold? They experimented with matter to confirm or refute their theories. What were their theories? A cycle of creation, or arising. The elements didn’t all just pop up, they… Seek More

Questioning Minds


We have questioning minds because we have roving eyes. Does each lead or follow at different times? Does mind exist only in the wads of meat in our skulls? I would argue the mind doesn’t follow the eye and this can be… Seek More

How do you Project?


Projection is quite natural, and by projection I mean projection of your state of mind. Ever notice when you are actively engaging someone in conversation you tend to imitate their body language without thinking about it? In the case of… Seek More

Impact of Scientism


Is the sole purpose of most religions to explain the universe and crowd control? Hmm, yes, except for explaining the universe. Religion sets up a paradigm that supports the temporal authority of that institution whatever body politic. Religion as a primitive… Seek More

Mind to Mind


Life is like an onion. All you know of life comes to you in layers. Your interface for life is your personal energy, which is not confined to the boundaries of your flesh. We don’t experience life directly and even… Seek More