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Experience of Passion


The subject is passion including the much reviled “passions”. They usually speak of them in right hand and left hand paths. One school of thought is that passions are only stumbling blocks preventing peace. The teachings of the right hand path… Seek More

What is ‘Psychic’?

Light Practice

Psychic function is not any more mysterious or complicated than learning style. One of the biggest stumbling blocks about learning to perform psychically is the idea that it’s necessarily a special state of mind. The brain itself is a sense… Seek More

Astral Realm


The earth itself has an astral component. A realm of existence that would correspond to its very own astral body. In Shamanism, this is often referred to as the spirit world and even the departed don’t usually leave this psychosphere… Seek More

What Spirits to Ask?


Just as you wouldn’t ask me about Europe (me being an American and not well traveled), you should focus any spirit communication on spirits connected to what you seek to understand. That “live there”, so to speak, since omniscience is… Seek More

Life Theme


It has been said that each persons life has a single theme at the heart of it, and you can discover that from reflection. It is not the same for every person, but it comes from a thread that permeated… Seek More

Connection with Elemental Symbolism


Elementals is probably the most primal system of symbols we have. Even sciences four states of matter seem to parallel it. When we reduce events in our lives, and in nature, they can often be expressed in an elemental metaphor; fiery… Seek More

Influence of the Universe


How exactly do these planetary bodies ‘plug in’ so to speak and influence me? They are large scope or macrocosmic influences, and as things move them they move literally everything else. Like how we have more storms during sunspot activity.… Seek More

Everything is Sex

This may sound absurd, but everything is sex. It’s been in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It’s in the Pantheons of the Gods. Life and death. Fire and earth. It is all sex. Sex is the cycle of creation… Seek More

Using Astral Energy


The definition of astral energy is any spiritual/psychic energy. Life force. It is the raw life force. It’s the “observer force” from physics. It’s why they say in the Bible, if there were no human beings the rocks would praise… Seek More

Live Your Moments


There’s this space you can get into where things go at super speed and you’re really there. It is similar to trance, full immersion, and it isn’t necessarily detached. In the martial arts they teach a sort of awareness of… Seek More