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What is ‘Psychic’?

Light Practice

Psychic function is not any more mysterious or complicated than learning style. One of the biggest stumbling blocks about learning to perform psychically is the idea that it’s necessarily a special state of mind. The brain itself is a sense… Seek More

Taoist Practice


There are many allegories in Taoism and much like Greek Gnosticism it is heavily experience based, though there are a body of philosophers, referred to as sages, who are viewed as having deep insight into the Tao, like Chuang-Tzu and… Seek More

Practice and the Personal Path

Light Practice

So what do the psychic realms of function mean personally? We all come to a metaphysical or spiritual practice with our essence as it always was, even if we don’t understand our own nature well and often times we engage… Seek More

What is Scientism?


Scientism: The precept that science is the foundation of all knowledge and that all truth can be arrived at by empirical method. Does this seem presumptuous, even crazy? The scientific method is a relatively new fangled thing. To think it… Seek More

Brain, Mind and Experience


Can we say that ‘mind’ is just another word for ‘brain‘? I would debate that myself. I would say mind would be more akin to the morphogenetic field, and the body including the brain more of a mechanism and memory… Seek More

Science Falls Short


We still practice magic today.  They just call it science and reject the original context. Thus they poison everyone silly. How is science different? That they experiment without prejudice would be a lie. Scientific hypotheses has as much intuition as reason behind… Seek More

Cycle of Creation


The fires shifted, as energy is inclined to. Matter or earth was born of fire, as valid as fire, and it was the necessary factor for the process of condensation. Water. Mother earth gave us the waters, and from the… Seek More

What is Reality?


With regular meditation practice, insight just comes. It isn’t from thinking, but it is hard to ‘understand’ with the thinking mind that insight can come from elsewhere. You’re using the ‘thinking’ to understand ‘not thinking‘, and this is why the… Seek More


Past Lives

I will discuss the metaphysical aspects of reincarnation. Even in the modern creed of science they state that energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can only change form. Every element in our bodies, as well as the energies… Seek More

Who Do You Admire?


I would like to start by asking you a couple of questions.  Have you ever met someone you truly and powerfully admired? If you did, did you feel a sense of kinship with them? Yes and no. Ah, thank you… Seek More