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Triggering Psychic Function

Light Practice

So how to trigger the psychic ability if we choose, or knowingly avoid the triggers? Your mind is a world. Has many facets like a kaleidoscope that will show you different things with a change in focus. Most people are… Seek More

Doubt in Life


Lately, I have been dealing with the affects of doubt in my life. So the topic today is the impact on doubt in the process of meditation. Doubt is a very common process. We are brought up to engage in… Seek More

Autistic Perspective


I am considered autistic and in the case of an autistic in general, they experience the world in the opposite direction. No screening. So they relate to you as the idea in their head. They can potentially grow and reflect… Seek More

A Taoist View


I’ve been asked to describe a normal day of mine, or rather abnormal? My day actually starts in my night. I have some unusual conditions I deal with so taking a Taoist view helps me accept “my way” in life,… Seek More

Life in a Graveyard


There are things that inhabit graveyards, and just not the spirits of the dead. Though the dead aren’t hedged from graveyards either. I once saw one of the dead arguing with a lemure. Lemure is a Roman term, refered to… Seek More

Cause and Effect


Life seems naturally contiguous. Thought and mood and action and reaction, there is no break in that cycle that I can see. Like we are all dancing to the same mad piper in the middle of a fairy ring made… Seek More

Spiritual is Animal


For me daily, my muscles behave as if I have done hard labour all day upon waking. I never seem relaxed, and for all intents and purposes I never am. I have a somatic instinct. My shape even seems to change… Seek More

All Connected

Our ideas aren’t necessary for events to happen, but they do influence. For all functional purposes our ideas govern our lives. When you see an event “in advance” there isn’t any time, you just see the event. Like quantum mechanics… Seek More

Feel the Pulse of Life

Is it best to practice random acts of kindness? Yes, and I can say from personal experience. I have been no great success in life. Not ridiculously wealthy, or famous, or privileged, but many times I have avoided harm by having… Seek More

Trying Resolution


What would happen if you “imagined” you were happy? If you didn’t try to make yourself happy with your thinking? You just imagined you were happy? Do happy people say “I can’t deal with this?” Change what you imagine and… Seek More