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Norse Beliefs


The Norse saw there was not one world, but nine. Perhaps corresponding to the chakras of eastern mysticism, and these nine worlds rested on Yggdrasil the world tree not unlike the Jewish tree of life. Modern physics also have a… Seek More

The God Bomb


Would humans behave better if they knew God was not there to intervene? No. Humans would make a God when they believe there is none. Used to be King makers, now we make Gods. Scientism prevents its own ideal of… Seek More

Divination of Tarot


Cartomancy is a relatively new method of the more general practice of divination. It arose in the late medieval era as a way of preserving initiatory murals in a way that could be kept safe and transported. The major arcana… Seek More

Connection with Elemental Symbolism


Elementals is probably the most primal system of symbols we have. Even sciences four states of matter seem to parallel it. When we reduce events in our lives, and in nature, they can often be expressed in an elemental metaphor; fiery… Seek More

Organized Understanding


Anyone familiar with Carl Jung‘s work? It can be wrapped up simply. He wasn’t swept up by the “age of reason” BS. Carl Jung was a student of Freud’s, but his work took a different track when he looked at… Seek More

Invisible Energies


Geomancy is sort of a material “numerology.” But it doesn’t focus on numerological values, instead focusing on recurrent patterns in the earth and how they are reflected/reflect an almost mandala like pattern of the natural/cosmic order. The basic premise is simple.… Seek More

Magic Song


How would a Bard cast a spell? They would compose a song. Having to have a clear form, they used specific rhythms, and they had rules about spoken as well as implied connections. Rhyme. The structure of a Bard song… Seek More

Universal Language


Metaphysics and magick are at their heart a language. This is why I took to them early on, it being my gifted area. But unlike regular language, the relationships are not strictly defined. Thus they often call magick both an… Seek More



There is no single system of numerology. There can’t be a single system, just like there can’t have been only a single language. There are uncounted systems. Trying to speculate how they all came to be, or why, would be… Seek More

Right Time And Place


To bring numerology to the personal level, the networking side of it… It may seem like your input to the great math problem doesn’t matter. This would be a mistaken notion. It matters very much, because your literal reality is… Seek More