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Natures Wisdom


We often dilute the bodies wisdom and thus natures wisdom, by deluding ourselves that thought is superior to instinct. That wisdom is something we achieve. That we can gain it by being educated, “smart”. All mysticism and wisdom traditions contradict… Seek More

What are Omens?


Omens are phenomenon that occur independently of any “practice” you might be involved in. They are like the little signs that occur before a quake or volcanic eruption or a violent storm, and this is part of how you can recognize an… Seek More

Omen Questions and Answers


Do we hurt it if we ignore or deny an omen? We can, especially if you are deeply connected to the event matrix. The omens are in part a manifestation of your very personal energy. It meshes with other energies,… Seek More

Repetitive Life Patterns


For me, anything I get deeply enmeshed in seems to have a death clock start. There is a powerful creative initial surge, and then it winds down. I can feel the event playing out and losing any life. Sometimes this… Seek More

Halloween History and Tradition


Halloween is very much ingrained in our collective unconscious, and has a very long history. It was basically the Celtic New Year (Samhain). Like the Norse legend of the world being born of ice, they see winter as the first… Seek More

Psychokinetic Systems


We don’t all link to the same psychokinetic systems. Some are very focused on the body. This is pretty common especially with women, and more narrowly mothers. Some are more connected to elemental forces. Something in their personal make up… Seek More

Divination Method


Does handwriting analysis fit as a divination method? It can. It is a form of geomancy like feng shui. The seemingly poor handwriting arose from energies that are playing out in that persons life, making them make loops bigger, or… Seek More

Agents Of The Divine

In Shintoism, when a Kanushi sought to exorcise a malicious spirit, they would pray not to be made as a Dragon or one of the high celestial Kami. They would pray to be made like the Oni who were low… Seek More

Spirit Bonds


Certain crystals sing in certain conditions. That raises a good point about tools used in invocation, though it can be trick to call them tools. Humans are not the only things that can or do invoke. Crystals often invoke other… Seek More

Dwellers Between


Is a jinn an entity or an energy field? Entity that lives in an energy field. A quantum domain if you will. The dwellers between. The Assyrians even called them that. The lurkers on the threshold. Does a jinn actually… Seek More