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Methods of Spirit Communication


There are various methods of communicating with the spirit world and the presences that are there. Meditation: One of the most easy methods, and the way most stumble across it, is meditations. At times in meditation one looses themselves enough… Seek More

Physical Spirituality


Some think that spirituality and materialism are exclusive of each other, but if you embrace that you are spiritual then where does your existence arise from? What reason do we have to believe that the physical existence is somehow separate from… Seek More

Origin of Spirit


The converse of the order we know isn’t necessarily chaos. So why do we perceive spirit to run counter of, or independently of matter? Isn’t chaos just the absence of order? Chaos is the presence of potential, yet not actualized energy.… Seek More

Physics and Spirituality


The origin of the theory of physical separation as an entity is an excellent topic. Quantum non locality and it’s meaning in spirituality. Thinking may not tell you exactly what it is, but thinking heavily suggests that it ‘IS’. Not… Seek More



Lately I am dealing with a severe case of ennui. Existential boredom. How can that be? So much knowledge to learn? The disciplines of the mind reduce to exercising human perception. This is starkly limited and easily exhausted. From basic… Seek More

Idea of Perfection


Many people in life strive for perfection which can be any loosely defined notion. The very word itself is heavily loaded. Some believe that personal perfection is impossible to attain. They see it as an impossible state, but can perfection… Seek More

Spiritual Q&A


Here are a few questions that I have received in some of my talks. Maybe you’ve wondered as well.  If our ancestors and family who have passed over are supposed to be watching over us, what exactly are they doing? … Seek More

Psychic Realms of Function

Light Practice

A new collection of posts will discuss different realms of psychic function and how they affect personal paths. In the Hindu faith they recognize multiple paths of devotion and treat them all as legitimate. Recognizing that no one path is… Seek More

Passion and Choice


The monk is passionate, passionate in ascetic seeking. The zealot is also passionate, passionate in persecution. Some believe the monk is trained to forget his physical humanity, and to focus on the mind and that is not passion but doctrine. I would… Seek More

Mind and Magic

Light Practice

Psionics is approaching the world through the cognitive functions. The powers of the mind, and that ability to transcend without loosing the context of physical existence. In psionics you use and develop your personal energy in eastern mysticism called ki… Seek More