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Numerological Order

Benfords Law

What is Benford’s Law? I thought maybe I should get down to that. It’s a pattern that emerges in various applied fields of mathematics. That the number “1” seems to occur more often than other numbers in data-sets? Ah, you… Seek More

Jedi Code: Fifth Precept


So shall we do the fifth and final precept?┬áThere is no death, there is the Force. Many of our leading contemporary scientists in neuropsychology, and as social science advocates of something they call terror management theory, basically all human behaviour… Seek More

Earth Time Space

Rainbow Gravity

Lateral distribution, the integrity of our planet and space time, is not self supporting. Our earth is sustained by horizontal echoes, resonate dimensional strings that line up well with our own earth but still display sensitivity to influences we are… Seek More

Bridging Earths

Rainbow Gravity

In order to harness what could be called an entanglement engine, a sort of breeder reactor for quantum force, they wound up inducing a spacial inversion which shunts everything in that space into a parallel resonance band. Think of strings… Seek More

World’s Biggest Killer is Stress


I cover a wide range of metaphysical and spiritual topics in these classes. Some range a little into the questionable, but no intent to offend is ever involved. Today, we are talking about swearing. The mind runs constantly, but we… Seek More

Quantum Level

Quantum Cheshire Cat

The Quantum Cheshire cat is a paradox that is proving to be true. What it amounts to is, though we think of things as being concrete objects, having distinct characteristics, the supposed object and its traits are not necessarily one… Seek More

Beyond the Body

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So with the Quantum Cheshire Cat effect, let’s say we wanted to measure all the physical traits that come together to make you as a physical object, yes? If we tried to point our testing device directly at you, where… Seek More

You Assembling You

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So far does it seem like you are a passive object in this distributed system of physics and information? Passive, hell yes, too passive. Just letting the current take me wherever. You are not. Learning, observation, the constant stream of… Seek More

Temporal Portal in Action


An example of a temporal portal distorting causal relationships… Ever intend to do something, even find yourself imagining doing it, but you know you never did it, and when you finally get around to doing it it was already done,… Seek More

Every Atom is a Point of View

Law of Infinite Universes

We perceive that we live in a single world, but there is no single world. No world is a closed system and none can exist independently of the whole multiverse. We think of other universes as existing somehow removed from… Seek More