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Dreams, emotions, thoughts and words are resonant portals within the astral. They tend to aggregate. There are “higher” and “lower” vibratory thoughts, and there is also harmonious or dissonant, elemental or spiritual, all sorts of coordinates. I don’t need to… Seek More

Manage Your Psychic State

Psychic Hazards

How dangerous it is to open portals/doors? I have eight manifesting in my dreams and my guide wants me to open them. Not dangerous. Your mind is a part of an infrastructure. Beyond those doors is the broader psychic realm.… Seek More



How do you experience space to be? Outer space, or 3 dimensions? Any concept of space you have. How would you describe it? Having 3 dimensions and able to hold mass. I offer that space is deeper than our three dimensional… Seek More

Inter-dimensional Crossover

At any time and in any given place on our planet, any location is in a state of flux. Usually there is a dissonance between that space and its parallels on other earths, a noise between our world Wal-Mart and… Seek More

Dimensional Paths


What is the difference between a nexus and a portal, if there is any? It’s a different class of portal, like the difference between an airport and a city intersection. Most portals are like the latter, just incidental meeting places.… Seek More

Portal Rituals


Regarding portal related practices, fairly simple really, most portal based rituals are just turning on the radio. Portal rituals exploit the behavior of the observer effect to create a localized virtual representation of the collective unconscious, tuning you into the… Seek More

Probability Shifting


Portals are more of a natural phenomenon than a tool or technology. So I have to ask, what would you want to use a portal for? Travel? They serve as loci for probability shifting, communication, and energy exchange, mostly. How… Seek More

Flip Side to Our Space


Could you explain the observer effect and how is it used to affect things from the other side? Certainly. People tend to visualize an atom almost as if it were a 2D object. Some may view it as 3D, but… Seek More

Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind


Portals. We are (each of us) sensitive to far more than we are conscious of. Through long exposure you have absorbed patterns of information that you haven’t begun to process. The brain just sort of adapts. One scientist is now… Seek More

Portal Effect


In general, the portal effect has a deeper meaning and impact on the mind than even science is realizing right now. We define our space and experience by it as much as we do by our sensory impressions. It forms… Seek More