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Omnipresent Mind

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is so simple it’s complicated, as many things are. It’s based on research and insights that state that even though your body is localized, mind as an energy and a construct of any sort is omni-present. The first… Seek More

Psychic Viewing

Remote Viewing

How psychic readings can be done is that some seem to visualize their thoughts as parts of their brain. This isn’t actually so, but the thoughts are energy patterns in a collective field that we are all present in. They… Seek More

Field of Mind

Remote Viewing

Synchronicity is a rule. Psychic forces actualize. An aspect of remote viewing is seeing an “object” that isn’t and can’t be present at the site, but is a true presence at the site. Like a state of mind in the residents,… Seek More

Creative Viewing by Nikhil Manna

Guest Blog

I was reading Travis’ article on psychic viewing, and it struck me as accurate. There comes a point though when language fails in its tasks to translate thoughts.  Not that I am suggesting developing telepathic skills, but simply stating the… Seek More

Transmutation of Energy


In the case of cardiac nerve studies, they found heart nerves don’t seem to suffer any sort of energetic rejection. It doesn’t matter whose heart the heart tissue is from, if it’s still alive it will synchronize. There are stories… Seek More

View of Time


Time is in your head, and all that you know is time. Your whole view of time and space is psychic. It’s the mental/spiritual element in the diagram of elements. The psychic is actually matter, and the time you perceive… Seek More

Transcending Time


Remote viewing is time travel. Even in modern research they discovered the atemporal aspect of remote viewing, and they also discovered something else. Nuclear reaction blocks it. The destruction of matters order seems to do the same to mind, as… Seek More

Punctuation of Time


Have you heard of flipping time space, and somehow calling it space time? With the third eye or pineal gland? That’s basically what precognition is. It’s not really defying the order. It’s more a realization of the mutability of it,… Seek More

Styles of Spell Casting


Styles of spell casting are like styles of art, really. In my belief, no one style is better than another. Like music, rap isn’t better or worse than pop music or country. But a style of spellcasting may be better… Seek More

World Of The Pneuma


I have always felt that God is an internal presence, so we are omniscient as far as God is. But then I ask myself, why can’t we all be Gods? Valid question, and one still unanswerable in that sense. Your… Seek More