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What Do You Hope?


Hope is the idea that you can go forward. It’s actually an instinct. They say animals don’t deal with things like hope, but observations show otherwise. Their motivations are in a sense more simple than our own, but that doesn’t necessarily… Seek More

Meaning is Your Reality


Tell me what you think anything means. I will describe your world. Sound boastful? Any takers? Our meaning is our reality. “I’m living, breathing.  With each breath it’s a new world. How can I grasp at that? I try and… Seek More

Reality to Experience


Maybe nations are the gullible ones? An old acquaintance of mine once said, and you might recognize this from ‘Men in Black’ also, one person can be smart, crowds are stupid. So, yes. Just last Christmas, there was no emergency,… Seek More

Consistency For Preservation


Today’s topic is consistency. In my experience, people often point out my quixotic nature as one of the things they find uncomfortable about me. I’m basically sort of inconsistent. In general, people praise consistency as a virtue, and of the… Seek More

Affected By You


Space has nothing to do with psionic influence. The mind has space only in the sense it has form. It forms a vast network spreading all across our planet and beyond, but I will focus on our planet. If I… Seek More

Tame Ignorance


What makes people debunk hidden knowledge is that they see it has sensory corollaries, and they are totally right it does. But there seems to be an issue of context when perception is so broad. Context meaning where they got… Seek More

Process Of Bouncing Back

Today, we are going to talk about resilience. You can’t talk about resilience though, friends, without talking about why the topic matters. Why resilience is important is something we all have a relationship to. Stress, darkness, delusion, call it what… Seek More

Burdened By Thoughts

Doesn’t being resilient depend on what event one is trying to bounce back from? It does in part. That’s an excellent question. Your reactions are never out of context, naturally. But the hormonal reactions, they have discovered, put you into… Seek More

Need To Adapt

I think a person can reach a point where they no longer want to adapt. Want. That is key? Yes, desire. It’s actually the basis of a whole body of tantric traditions. Perhaps they have the ability to adapt, but… Seek More

Ok As You Are

To get it back where we can all meet on personal resilience, the truth is that we should not seek any specific state, or to avoid any specific state. What the scientists have discovered that is working (after tormenting people… Seek More