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Online Addiction of Second Life


Many people complain of being addicted to the online virtual world of Second Life (SL). There is a simple reason. You don’t come here and have a second life, you come here and say, “Oh wow, what’s here, what’s this… Seek More

Mind Sex

Eros Sculpture

It’s an established fact that the mind cannot tell the difference between something vividly imagined and a literal event. They have even discovered something that totally surprised them. They call it mind sex. It has been explored in psychology rather… Seek More

Avocation vs. Vocation


Avocation is also known as ones “Calling.” We all deal with the realities of vocation in one way or another, but that is not the same thing. Your vocation is just gainful work you do because someone employs you to… Seek More

Give Place To Dark


We created our Spiritual Darkness discussion group in Second Life to give place to the darker feelings and phases of the spiritual life. Their expression and perhaps some insight. Everyone on any spiritual/philosophical path has dark moments. In Christian mysticism… Seek More

Reality Is Role Play

Role Play

Role playing in your metaphysical practice. What are you skilled at? Anyone want to offer something? I am good at solving puzzles. Art. Organization. Art, music, dance, literature, language, telepathy, and the disciplines required in each. You have your skills… Seek More

Seamless Reality

Role Play

You can only do what you can imagine you can do. It’s impossible to do anything without imagining it, and our children imagine conflict and even horror. They grow up to be able to enact horrors. The more you imagine,… Seek More

Role Playing In Metaphysical Practice

Role Play

How role playing applies to your metaphysical practice. First, it can get you over the hump of believing in “reality”. Asking if what you do is real is actually entirely useless. What matters is if your practice is useful. Does… Seek More

Magic In Second Life

Role Play

At the virtual world Second Life sim I role play in, so far now, three Hawaiians, two Native Americans, all practitioners healers in real life doing the same in Second Life. Something is seen in just what you say, and… Seek More

Fae World


The Fae world doesn’t follow the same cycles as the human world does. They exist on earth, but in a mirror of the earth we know. Our daytime is not theirs. Why do humans have such a short life compared… Seek More

Fae Romance


I have always felt dragons and Fae were very closely linked like cousins. Bound in my ways. They are cousins, dragons being their elder. This is why dragons are protective of the Fae. Moulded from a similar cloth, but went… Seek More