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Astral Realm


The earth itself has an astral component. A realm of existence that would correspond to its very own astral body. In Shamanism, this is often referred to as the spirit world and even the departed don’t usually leave this psychosphere… Seek More

The Keys of Alchemy


Did alchemists really try to change matter to something else like gold? They experimented with matter to confirm or refute their theories. What were their theories? A cycle of creation, or arising. The elements didn’t all just pop up, they… Seek More

A Ride in Your Head


Any student of logic knows that logic is just a form of cognitive reality checking.  It is a function of the monkey mind taken to a cerebral level, and logic can be satisfied by any consistency. This is why even… Seek More

Rites of Spring


I don’t intend to delve too deeply into any one culture or beliefs on the rites of spring, and really it isn’t very necessary. Even in the most common view of orthodox religion, spring still means the same thing. The… Seek More

New Beginning


Spring is a time when many new things come. If you would reject any supernatural element, then why does proper observance of spring seem to make so many things prosper? Even things supposedly unaffected by the weather? The astral is more… Seek More

It’s All Language


Do we choose words because of an inherent energy the sound makes (freq. etc.), or do we impart the energy to the words with our intent? Both actually. The pattern of language is in the world; birds, bees, dolphins, whales.… Seek More

Your Strengths


You can claim nothing, say you embody all personality types and have nothing to use or build on, or you can get down to application. We can be nice and religious about this, but are my strengths your strengths? There are… Seek More

Rhythms of the Season


Strangely, as the places around the world seem to have very different climate and we associate this season with winter, the actual universally symbolic element is the winter solstice. Many of even the modern traditions are focused on and symbolize… Seek More

Be Psionic


How does one know if they are Psionic? Those who are called to mysticism feel a desire to love/serve one or more spirits or gods, and they show the influence of these spiritual forces in their life. That’s a mystic.… Seek More

Chaos Mage


Now the actual application of chaos, instead of theory. I will paint a big picture. It’s just an allegory, so don’t take it literally. But it will explain what I mean to explain. Every being in the universe is standing… Seek More