Articles containing "Social Order"

Mana and Justice


I tend to use the kahuna concept of mana to evaluate any path. Mana is a concept of “proven effectiveness.” It plugs into the idea that whoever or whatever was more in synch with the over arching order would be… Seek More

Killing Outside Boundaries


In Bushido, murder meant killing outside of the boundaries of the order, a dishonourable killing. The acts of the Ninja were considered murder. To kill another in battle is ok? Yes, except for the weak or the unprepared. Thus why… Seek More

Sanity Delusion


Your mind has always been operating on the “implicate order”, but you have been ignoring it. Your subconscious mind ignores nothing and processes any and all experiential identities. If it has a form, your subconscious mind recognizes and remembers it,… Seek More

Real Self


Today we talk about faces. Face as an aspect of reality. Face, is that a military command? It is a military command, and everyone is to some degree militant. When we seek to save face, what are we seeking to… Seek More

Trust Is First


Friendship. A relatively recent study in the States shows that 1 in 4 people state they have no close friendships. You would think that friendship would be a clear thing and perhaps one of the simplest parts of human experience,… Seek More

Basis Of Social Order

The topic of Social Order is a bit controversial. I apologize for any offence that might be given in advance. My ability to anticipate peoples reactions is somewhat poor. We have a social order even now, though it isn’t something… Seek More

Future Adaptation

Areas of our world all seem to be going through massive changes right now. I think it’s fascinating and maybe for the good. The problem in this era is that the system itself has become unstable. Its original source of… Seek More

Things To Come

I am a product of the newer mindset. I won’t go into too much detail as that tends to prove tedious. I am among what is called the high functioning autistic set. My area of focus/obsession has been assimilating world… Seek More

Shared Awareness

Is there a common ground to humanity? The planet is the common ground. Survival? Survival is no longer a common ground. The harmony of nature has grown to be too altered. The coherent context that the planet once provided has… Seek More

New Dream Time

My kids are at a pow-wow this weekend with their grandparents. That is their sense of self. The tradition of our ancestors that keeps them and me grounded. That is individually. As a whole, I am not sure. Now we… Seek More