Articles containing "Stillness"

Force of Will


Are we never to force our will on life? People think that without force, without “taking initiative”, we would never express ourselves at all. Never do or create anything. We are told any creation is an act of will. Everything… Seek More

Activating Kundalini


Can you give us a step by step methodology to activate our chakras/kundalini? First be still, in being still you head the body. Still all choice, still all will, still feeling, still speech. Look not here or there.  Be still… Seek More

Arbitrary Moralism


A lot of people look at darkness as a negative. I’m not one who does. Nor am I. This is why we have the discussion group on spiritual darkness in Second Life. It’s to learn from this side of the… Seek More

What Is Identity?


We are going to talk about identity. First, I will ask people: Who are you? I am me! Hard question. And this is good. Who is me? Good extenuating question. Me is not thee? Ah, but is negative definition real… Seek More

Suffer Nothing


There are some very good lyrics I have been hearing lately, “I’ll take everything in this life. I’ll join everyone and understand. ‘Cause all men die. ‘Cause all men die.” (James Blunt) The secret is to learn to be happy… Seek More

Total Self


The first knowledge is “I don’t know.” The second knowledge is “I can observe.” I don’t like my state. I want to acquire so much knowledge in life and its never-ending. How will this knowledge help you after you die?… Seek More

Mind Has Rhythms


Stillness. I don’t think people know it very well. I know it well, but only because of how nature “favoured” me. Autism prevents much of that internal turmoil from ever forming, but it also blocks my being able to share… Seek More

Emotional Storm


Stillness is readily available. Any energy someone has to yell at you they gain from stillness, and that energy they are using to yell at you will be spent. Inevitably expended and force our minds back to stillness. But if… Seek More

World In Stillness


We all are familiar with at least some stories of famous mystics, shamans, sages, of one form or another. At the very least, we have all heard some fairy tales. They are marked by something other than their great spiritual… Seek More

Dance Of Stillness


What does it mean if you have trouble sitting perfectly still? If you have to fidget and keep your hands busy? You have trouble sitting perfectly still, because you are trying to sit perfectly still. It’s like trying to stand… Seek More