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Triggering Psychic Function

Light Practice

So how to trigger the psychic ability if we choose, or knowingly avoid the triggers? Your mind is a world. Has many facets like a kaleidoscope that will show you different things with a change in focus. Most people are… Seek More



There are stories where the Zen master says something, and the student is said to be ‘enlightened’.  In that moment the words didn’t matter as much as the students thinking, and what will do that for any student differs. This… Seek More

Finding your Path


How do I find my path? This is a question most people ask. In Taoism, they say if in anything you encounter resistance, it is not it, but yourself. You encounter resistance because you haven’t found the way of your… Seek More

Crystal Magick


The material uses of things in magic (or whatever you prefer to call your practice) stem from one type of insight, that the world is interconnected. Hermetic philosophy refers to these connections as correspondences, and they have been viewed in… Seek More

Experience over Practice


Are you advocating for self-mortification? No. I am advocating experience. No one practice. When you are impassioned, and begin cleaning house despite physical fatigue, you restructure your whole living space. You ache miserably after pushing yourself so hard, but from… Seek More

Virtue and Vice


Yes, I have changed. I have reached a personal crisis, and it is here that I have had every idea or belief reduced to a bottom line. My instinct is fear. Now I have transcended that fear and thus transcended… Seek More

Is it Enough Yet?


We are self medicating to avoid the real problems and the world of greed and intolerance. We demonize vices and thus wind up worshiping them. Greed is bad and no one really thinks about greed. The greedy person often reviles… Seek More

Transmutation of Energy


In the case of cardiac nerve studies, they found heart nerves don’t seem to suffer any sort of energetic rejection. It doesn’t matter whose heart the heart tissue is from, if it’s still alive it will synchronize. There are stories… Seek More

Spirit Awakening

Documentation on how sacred places were located is scattered. They used pendulums or dowsing rods and many of the legendary water spirits were believed to dwell at places that were basically sacred sites, and not every sacred site welcomed everyone. … Seek More

Hating Hate


I find it funny how dual peoples minds are. They think love is opposed to hate, that being friendly is different from being aggressive. It differs in quality from love certainly, but in my experience it’s not that simple. We… Seek More