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There is an interesting phenomenon happening soon that has never really happened before. Many prophetic cycles have resolved recently or will be resolving soon, like the Mayan calendar and the 2012 date. Myself, I don’t canonize any cycle, but I… Seek More

Dealing with Negativity


Dissonance, as in different notes or tones conflicting, is the concept. Spirituality is often compared to music metaphorically, but in many ways it’s not strictly metaphor. Many people speak of spiritual presence as being like a voice or sound, and… Seek More

Psychic Paths: Part 2

Dark Practice

There is a force in the world that makes the frogs stay in their ponds and guides the birds in their flights. Makes all things seek their place. It is not outside of you, but has a connection to things… Seek More

Interpretation of Spirits


When you sleep some people think of it as a low energy state, but in fact it’s a high energy state. And the body behaves as it does because it doesn’t exactly have a tolerance for such intense energy. As… Seek More

Many Minds in a Single Soul

In a sense, I am of two minds. It is even the focus of our MySpace comment. There are many minds in a single soul, but in truth reconciling I am of one mind. They say love is a law,… Seek More

Sex In Jainism


Jainist sects also have differing views of sex. Some seeing it as no sex outside of marriage, the other as no sex at all.  Why? Attachment. Sex can insure positive or negative karma. I find the idea that women can’t… Seek More

Angels and Demons


Angels and demons are all the same, and humans just started dividing them all up with concepts of good and bad? Originally they were the powers that governed all aspects of life, literally all, even Nasragiel the keeper of the… Seek More

Image as Mirror

Image Magick

Images serve as a mirror. Image magic works by what is called in hermetic philosophy, the law of sympathy. Like affects like. When you see something in the world that is in you, you actualize what is in you in… Seek More

Character and Vision


We incarnate in a particular form which has a particular receiving mechanism, and beyond that we cannot comprehend.  The form serves for a time until the tolerance of the receiving mechanism is exceeded. We are not in fact limited directly… Seek More

Being Aware is Center


You can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind that made you aware of it.  People don’t have a clue, and they look for help from people in the exact same boat. Boats always have two sides, and… Seek More