Articles containing "Transition"

Ghost Consciousness


Shall I go into what consciousness for a haunting ghost is like? They transition into a “sleep like” state as we do while alive, but all of their energy is now expressed in this artifact of their formally organic mind.… Seek More

Routine Is Delusion


Do you feel your life is stable? Is it largely the same on a daily basis? Why do you think so? Habits can be routine. Stable life, daily basis. For one thing, I do wake up almost as intact as… Seek More

Window Rituals


People drift in the illusion of stable routine, but they aren’t entirely aimless. We all have those pivotal moments that sling shot us off in some direction before we settle into drift. But these moments, for most people, are “accidents”,… Seek More

Deliberate Creation


On the topic of the deliberately created moment, as I said earlier, you don’t have wisdom, wisdom has you. When you realize this, you realize how those insight moments arise, and can deliberately change not the world … but yourself.… Seek More

Deliberate Moments


One of the best things about reality is that it’s meaningless, and it has no meaning until we assign it one? Drift is meaningless, but the decisive moment that seems so chaotic and unreal… in that there is meaning. The… Seek More

Life In Transition


Anybody feel like their life is in transition? Care to share what that is like? I’m sacred. I mean scared. I don’t know what the future holds, and things are changing so fast. Sacred too, but was not your point.… Seek More

Life Without Crisis?


Nothing is being done to you. Those insights we had as teens were an opportunity when we were so angst ridden. Ever find yourself saying “He/she/they don’t know I’m alive”? It is a half truth, and it’s almost always misinterpreted.… Seek More

Vehicle Of Life


People often lament that life is sprinkled with moments of change with long stretches in between. True, but is life immutable? Just have to wait for an air hole to breath from? I don’t think so. Then you understand that… Seek More

What It’s Like


Archetypes are like Plato’s pure forms. Like super metaphors that have a force of their own and no single cultural drive. The tarot is all archetypes, as are most divinatory systems, though those are very often poorly understood these days… Seek More

Ripples In The Shadow Realm


The realm of shadow is the realm of the subconscious. In fact, your subconscious itself is an artefact from your pre-incarnated existence. It arises as an impetus in the collective unconscious that leads two people to pair up. Each circumstance… Seek More