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Root Of All Things


We are going to talk about the Necronomicon. I will start with a bit of orientation. With everything in reality being as changeable as it is, what does it all have in common? Everything dies, and yet nothing does. That… Seek More

The Beyond


The Buddhist texts on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the lessons on the bardo states, are these a kind of Necronomicon? They are part of the body in lore and insight that we are calling the Necronomicon, yes.… Seek More

Transition To The Beyond


Does study of a Necronomicon help us develop and prepare for the transition to the beyond, in it’s proper time? Potentially, but the Necronomicon describes the transition as hazardous for a reason. People will even create an artificial oblivion to… Seek More

Processes Of Spirit


The things that happen to us are reflections of our soul? They are, but I must emphasize no single part is. Don’t get lost in thinking something like, “I’m sick. I must be spiritually weak or bad.” This is not… Seek More

Preparing For The New


What should we do to prepare for upcoming changes and the new year? Let’s bring this to something easily related to. For a good many people, this holiday has a dark pall that hangs around it. They find it very… Seek More

Culture The Energy


There are consequences for the influence of our focus, and humans are not graceful viewers. They are not the only ones watching either. Our planet is a huge viewer (much like we come into Second Life with viewer software), and… Seek More

Impermanence Of Our State

Dead Spots

I read a book that had creatures in it devouring negative energy left by traumatic events, like at old battlefields. Oh, that actually exists. Some normal animals even have that mark in their evolution. Mushrooms being a big one and… Seek More

Eating vs. Eating Well by Amber O’Connell

Food Magic

Eating. You’d think it would be, should be, such a simple thing. But oh, how difficult it can be. The analyzing, over-analyzing, the under-analyzing followed up by guilt. One simple meal can turn into a stressful affair in no time. I’ve had… Seek More

Accessing Our Higher Self


Where does the higher self exist? The higher self exists in the ascension state. I don’t say the ascended state because that implies that it is a terminal point, where it is more of a zero point. It exists everywhere… Seek More

Start At Common Ground


The pathworking traditions each have a set of teachings. They all serve a similar purpose to help you connect with deeper things while you are in your normal daily state of mind. This is why they seem like a mix… Seek More