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Norse Beliefs


The Norse saw there was not one world, but nine. Perhaps corresponding to the chakras of eastern mysticism, and these nine worlds rested on Yggdrasil the world tree not unlike the Jewish tree of life. Modern physics also have a… Seek More

Faith Goes Beyond


The topic is faith, and I’m not talking about religion or trust. Trust is sort of going with the flow, and accepting your experiences.  Accepting that you are who and what you are, and that you see the world as… Seek More

Jewish Esotericism


The Kabbalah is Jewish esotericism. It’s a bit more widely known than people realize, and some of its arguments are arrived at and used by people who aren’t Kabbalists. The basic concept is that Gods essence is incomprehensible to us,… Seek More

Tree Of Life Shadow


Judaism doesn’t have any concept of hell, but the emanations in some schools of Kabbalism have a shadow aspect. The tree of life and its shadow. It’s called the tree of life because it is seen as an outgrowth of… Seek More

Heretical Christianity


Originally, Gnosticism was just seen as a heretical branch of Christianity, but other evidence points at it having had a different origin and a viral tendency. It infiltrated not only Christianity, but Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism also. It was sort… Seek More

Path Of The Flaming Sword

Flaming Sword

An apple seen by a person where no apples grow is a strange and perhaps amazing thing. An apple seen by an apple orchardist is meaningful, but by no means overwhelming. A metaphor comes to mind. The trees of the… Seek More

Light From The Sky

Strange Creatures

Have you seen the movie The Mothman Prophecies? They have some solid explanations of things in it even if they dramatised it. The reason the outer dimensional beings don’t stop to interact with humans, despite being able to see them,… Seek More

Divine Lights


I won’t be discussing orthodox Kabbalah in detail, just a synopsis mostly. But I will answer more specific questions as best I can. Kabbalah is in a sense a form of theurgy. In it, God is infinite and includes all… Seek More

Process Of Development


At each of the stages in Kabbalah, God is considered to have reflected on that stage of it’s expression. I use the gender neutral term because God is seen as both male and female, and this step of considering what… Seek More

Reverse The Course Of Ignorance


The story of humanities exile from Eden is reflected in the Kabbalah. In the primal state, humanity existed in a way that was little differentiated from nature. Supreme harmony if you can envision it, but with the awakening to a… Seek More