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Feeling Tired?


The biggest complaint everyone has is the lack of energy. I hear it constantly. We as a culture are told to control ourselves. To subdue our feelings and motivations, and then wonder why we have no motivation. Energy doesn’t come… Seek More

Resentment Cripples


Resentment is an effort to address what has passed, and you cannot influence. It keeps you very much trapped in ego, and keeps you from maintaining much of what you value and want to keep in life, let alone new… Seek More

Primal Relationship


I intend to discuss the spiritual facets of parenting. How many of you are parents? But no, it’s not necessary to be a parent to gain from this. We are all involved in parenting. We were parented in one form… Seek More

Love is a River


Life is Russian roulette to the degree that we make it that with our thinking. Nature and your inner nature had different plans. It does indeed have plans. Your DNA is a plan. Your acquired adaptations are plans. Your intuitive… Seek More

Getting to Know You

Psychic Morphism

Psychic morphism is a fact. It will not stop and neither should it stop, but the psychotic schism that contemporary thought is based on, these models of “real life” and “the real world”, those need to be put aside. We… Seek More

Two Philosophies of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In order to make artificial anything, there must first have been a natural something that we are imitating. In most schools of thought regarding artificial intelligence, intelligence is either just an incidental byproduct of organic complexity, an empty mechanical process,… Seek More

The Ties That Bind


I think binding work is like a detox? It is, and classical western binding was even practised by a sorceror called a pharmakon, and yes, it’s the word we get pharmacy from. But binding specifically was a wide spread practice,… Seek More

Illusion Rules Reality


I’ve noticed people joking about their bad luck in gaming, dice rolls, etc. and they have the bad luck. It is completely foreign to me to act like that, perhaps that’s why I get the good luck. She does. In… Seek More

Strategy for Binding


The strategy I spoke of… People who would wrong you are generally possessed of a number of weaknesses, shortcomings and character flaws. Weak willed people tend to try to compensate by being temperamental. Well, we all have an instinct to… Seek More

You Will Ring True

Your Word

Want to be true both to yourself and to your friends and loved ones? Maybe even to the world that ultimately gave you life? Indeed, so. Then we need to stop trying to defy the laws of nature, the laws… Seek More