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Any experience you have that does not bring you peace, you failed to accept. To the degree you feel removed from a peaceful state, you have a list of rejections.

We Exist As Self in Self


How is self motivation possible? Being moved to act, being inspired, or moving on our own of our own volition?

It is embedded in becoming. Indeed, and what is aware of becoming? What event is becoming?

Awareness doesn’t become, just life is becoming. One cannot become aware? It is my perception that I become aware of things on a daily basis. But self, does it change?

Memory? All awareness is memory, even memory of the future.

And the now? Now is not memory. The now is unseen, so of course no memory. What can be aware of the now? What allows there to be any now? Perhaps self? Perhaps a definition. Self awareness is consciousness of self as independent from any other entity.

Self awareness collapses reality to this moment? Indeed, it does. We exist as self and we exist among self, and there are many events in between. But people come to define themselves based on their events, the things they experience.

These events are love? These events are initially, yes, like the heartbeat of the universe. But the flow is often unbalanced. Why is this so?

Because we resist? Trying to grasp it too tightly with the thinking or senses unbalanced it? Because we mistake flow for self. We mistake light for the eye, and we fear it means we have no self. That we will die, which we fear is an ending of self. When did self begin? What was the first self?

No beginning? Not having something from which it can arise, where can it fall back into? Self is life. It’s why we are concerned with life, but how do we lose self awareness? How do we become creatures of our experience only? Reactionary and mechanical. How do we fall asleep?

How do we awake? We awake by sleeping. We slumber as we wake. In dreams there is only awareness of self. That’s why we don’t recognize our single presence in dreams, because the whole dream is our presence.

What is real then? Reality is the pulse that allows the cycle between states of consciousness. It lets us experience the myriad things that our senses can perceive, and that sustains existence itself. It is the source of self.

Perception is one thing, to be grounded is another thing. To be grounded is to be connected to something. Do you have a preference? I myself prefer to be self possessed. Things come clearly when I accept my one enduring reference point.

The Presence sees through my eyes. All eyes are presence, but we still deal with the myriad phenomenon, countless experiences, and the self doesn’t evaporate.

So we are a point of view? We are viewing, and that can move. We are being. We move by becoming, but what we appear to become is still in relationship to the self, or you would have no awareness of it at all.

Isn’t becoming being? Becoming is an event in the field of no thing, the undifferentiated state. The self is the observer.

Is now an event? Now events happen. I am now. I am aware.

I regret I now only have silence to offer, and I can retreat in silence to allow the now to remain undisturbed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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