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Life is first the step you take, and then the ground you tread upon.

Your User Agreement in Inertia


Your personal spiritual pattern, your personal spiritual circuit or footprint, is like an infinitely amazing smartphone capable of so many functions that our organic brains can’t even count them. If you never get a call or any information on this phone though, isn’t there a problem?

She had an impulse for ice cream. Kids don’t deny theirs. For them, the point of it all is fresh. They haven’t gotten swamped under the full mailbox of information so they realize still that they have choice. Fortunately, you have a subscription to the amazing smart phone service. It’s terms are often called consensus.

And it is limitless. Yes.

Your user agreement is to accept the way of this reality, but by acceptance that doesn’t mean leaving it unchanged. You send requests for new energy when you act on one of your available impulses, and you establish a user profile based on those choices. It’s not that you can choose that matters. It’s what you choose and why.

You can set your boundaries. Yes. You can snarl and yell at the service person, and you send a request for more information connected to snarling and yelling. You establish a link, and people do send requests to you. How you fulfill those requests is entirely up to you. If you think your response needs modification and you don’t do that, what purpose has that served?

It’s a broken record that keeps repeating. It’s a digital voice answering switchboard. Press 1 if your heart is broken, press 2 if you are breaking someone else’s heart, press 3 to hang up and unsubscribe from life.

Sounds like some people I know. People can be that, but we don’t have to. You choose the sophistication of your system. Will it show grand art, profound science, or a drab menu of dead grey responses? If you choose the last, then you will opt out likely well before your time. Your body doesn’t like being a dead black box and will begin the shutdown process because it understands you mean to decommission it, and the resources it’s using belong elsewhere.

Use it or lose it? More like create it or kill it, but basically same meaning.

Is the best way to get out of a loop to do something unexpected? What do you mean by get out of the loop? Like stuck with press one for a broken heart or whatever. Oh indeed, exactly. You can do what seems reasonable, which likely keeps you stuck, or you can reference your working signal, the impulse. It’s possible you don’t really care about the thing you were upsetting yourself over, but you upset yourself because you believe you have to. Your “values” say so, but values even taken in the most idealistic sense possible are generally much broader than specific people interpret them to be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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