Psychic Energy Surge in Consultation

How can I interpret headaches, shivers, strange pulsing in my head, like the sun is in my brain when I meet some people? Usually it happens with persons who have a lot of spiritual knowledge like in bio-energy, healing, etc.

Would you say these feelings are good or bad? I am not sure if this is good for my body or my mind. I perceive a headache or other symptoms as negative but is it evolution of something in us? I am very confused with it. Also, I can feel/see some creature things when I see some people’s picture, unknown people usually. Maybe it’s “old soul” story? Like meeting persons you already known in this life?

It’s a psychic energy surge, and you are sensitive to it. It can be stressful until you become adjusted.

I will try to work more on myself, but I am glad it’s not negative as you said.

The body and brain resist any change at all, even simply learning from new experiences, so the discomfort is simply your body adjusting in the way it naturally does. Ever take up an exercise routine?

No. That’s a big problem with me. I have periods when I exercise like mad but then I stop and become lazy, but before 1 year these symptoms started; strange dreams, astral dreaming, lucid also.

Was it comfortable to start exercising at first?

I am Virgo so that’s a problem. I will do something only if I am full in it. I don’t like half situations like if I need to work then I will work 24 hours. If I work out then it won’t be only 20 min on bike, it will be a hour and a half. Only good is that I really have good results when I exercise.

You’re a blossoming psychic, and if you consciously engage these perceptions the physical sensations will eventually cease to be so uncomfortable, like getting in shape for your mind.

Can you tell me why I have a strange feeling before I go to sleep, like I am having earth shaking vibrations all around me.

There is a collective level of energy that all minds function in, sort of like a radio background but consisting of psychic energy. When people dream their energy all becomes entrained to some degree.

Yes!! Like waves. That’s interesting about energy dreaming. So how can I handle, calm down that feeling?

Ah, have you ever practised floating in a pool? Does it work if you move very much? To get used to it, just float with the energy. When you feel comfortable you will be able to begin “swimming.”

I see, so it’s like I need to concentrate on it and be calm, not intense. Yes, don’t try to think so much as feel. Thinking will feel uncomfortable to start. Too much psychic noise creating resistance, but then you will be able to follow the flows.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Seth Haalan
Dragon Intuitive

Posted:March 23rd, 2015

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