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5 Horoscope Apps For Your Smartphone by Nick in Guest Articles

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Since the invention of high-technology smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones, many applications have taken the world by storm!

For example, no longer will you need to carry a compass when traveling because you can just install a compass app and run it on your phone. Another type of bestselling app that people install on their phones is a horoscope and astrology application.

Horoscope apps are designed to tell and warn you about the possible happenings in the future. In the older generations, in order to determine horoscopes, you still need to regularly get your newspaper, magazine and astrology book to read your horoscope. Some people even go to fortune-tellers just to have a horoscope reading. Both of these methods cost a bundle. But for one simple payment, your own horoscope can be determined by your own hands through the use of your smartphone. While these apps may cost a lot for some, it is guaranteed that it is a one-time payment and the app is yours forever. No longer will you have to pay that costly fortune teller when your future can be determined with one simple app.

For those serious horoscope believers out there, here are 5 horoscope apps for your smartphone.

ARTCHARTS. This is a tiny app that is rather used as a reference than an actual fortune-telling machine. It answers strange questions and is at a price you can afford. This app is available for only $0.99.

ASTROMO. Not only does this app use GPS, but it allows the user to go into a fictional travel in the past or future at certain places. This means knowing what happened when. A nifty little app for $9.99, this one is for occult fans or hardcore horoscope fans.

ASTROLGO. This app is basically a chart app that will help astrology lovers to determine their horoscope. Lunar nodes, Black Moon Lilith, outer planets, popular asteroids and centaurs, and Arabic Parts of Fortune and Spirit, this app has it all. For one payment of $9.99, this app can give you all of your astrological needs and more.

ASTROLOGY GLOSSARY. As the name suggests, this app is used as reference and to look up those hidden meanings on those words you can’t understand. It can provide you with a dictionary of everything you need to know about horoscopes. For $0.99, this awesome app can assist you in reading your fate.

CENTAUR ASTROLOGY. Centaur Astrology focuses on one key aspect of horoscope. It has more stuff than other basic horoscope apps, and it proves to be one of the best ones you can find out there. Though a bit expensive it will serve you as long as you have your smartphone. Centaur Astrology costs $29.99.

These 5 horoscope apps are just some of the apps that can give you the astrological information you need. So why go to a fortune teller when you can have simple astrological readings in one touch? They are easy to use and very useful; they are super fun as well! Get these apps now and change the way you look towards your undetermined future.

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This guest post was written by Nick who blogs every day at Android Tablet Fanatic. When not blogging, Nick loves playing with his favorite tablet, The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer!

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  1. lovehoroscope

    Thanks for your 5 recommendations!

    I was thinking about making a little horoscope app (I run and it’s a bit of a passion of mine as well as being a techny nerd). If I were to do so (I’d make it free!) what features do you think would be nice to add in that the five you talked about don’t?

    Would love to hear your input!


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