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Right Brain Priority


So how do we reconcile our conscious mind and this insane god with that little spark of truth in us? Metanoia is a process. The true mind is a hologram having two seeming different vectors. Two beams of light that… Seek More

Do All the Things


Anyone familiar with the bicameral mind theory? Two hemispheres? It does indeed involve the two hemispheres. All the sane praying to god and making sacrifices and stuff like that? They did things as a matter of course that would land… Seek More



Why do people “self” so much? I can’t think of another word for it. They choose words and actions that support one abstract goal, a hollow goal from what I can tell. It leaves them feeling empty and alone, this… Seek More

Who I Am


For today’s topic I have to ask, who do you think you are? What thoughts does this question raise? A being hard to define. What happens if you don’t know who you are? Life can be hard if you don’t… Seek More

Mastering Empathy


Mastering empathy would at first be especially daunting, because as much as our intellect would like to just restructure and redefine our every faculty, our bodies fortunately won’t let us go too far too easily, and a potential active emapth… Seek More

More Tests by Ade Sluzky

Ade Sluzky

”You need to lose some weight and we’re going to have to conduct some more tests.” The sensation of a stone, high-diving down into the pit of my stomach made me feel as pale as I felt I looked. I… Seek More

Poorly Understood Ability


Sync to the emotion and then shift yours in order to shift what or who you’re syncing with? Yes, and you will find many authorities, so to speak, on psychic healing, even the credible ones who will describe it more… Seek More

Empath Applications


As I said, each person has their own unique array of both cognitive and sub-cognitive abilities and we develop preferences for which of these systems we prefer to activate most. The preferred systems grow stronger and even broader, winds up… Seek More

Array of Cognitive/Sub-cognitive Ability


What is your familiarity with empathy? Being able to feel the emotions another is experiencing. Have you experienced feeling empathy? I believe so. I think only from an imagination perspective, not sure if I have literally. I do think it… Seek More

Divination Opens the Channel


Our divination systems are like the proverbial butterfly, picking up all the currents? Indeed. The fluttering of any simple system, a flock of birds or school of fish, is sensitive to changes in every other system. Though some information gets… Seek More