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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Direction and Individuality in Direction


People mistake consciousness for individuality. There is a transcendent and encompassing consciousness. Our ancestors knew of it. Spirits of place.

There is also a natural drive to harmony, to supporting the group. Order and disorder balance where there is oneness with the greater consciousness. We see Gaia consciousness as really just regulating simple creatures.

What moved me to bring up the subject of Direction is that Gaia can and is reacting to our resistance. The world isn’t dying, it is fighting. It will stop if we do.

Life is the directive force, and it is found in strange attractor patterns, in quantum entanglement, in cohesive nerve firing, in both intrapersonal and interpersonal neural entrainment. All matter and all existence can be reduced to a singularity that transcends the behaviour of individuated matter. An infinite and seemingly recursive loop not unlike the DNA helix. Matter is non local, is attenuated by one force. Consciousness. Everything is perfectly what it is and perfectly in flow, but consciousness co-arises the base field.

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We cannot destroy reality. Matter is perceived as local. There is no discontinuity in the base field. There is an entrainment force. Perhaps originating in the interplay of the branes. The base field is the field that makes up the multiverse, the wave pattern set up by the initial collision. Played out not only in the field but in adjacent singularities. Other encompassing fields set up a pattern that can deviate. Shift according to attenuating forces. This force, localized here as Gaia and as individuals, is consciousness. The power of choice.

There is a purpose to the deviation between fields. All possibility is playing out in the greater consciousness. The inter-cosmic “Gaia”. It is a great rhythm. A universal heart. But when individual parts of a heart go out of synch, they cause a flutter. Taken too far, they cause collapse so there is a regulator response. There is no death. Using this as a metaphor could be confusing, but a heart attack comes about from the individual consciousness in the heart. The neurons firing out of synch.

How can you say that a heart has an individual consciousness separate from the body in which it resides? They mistake consciousness for individual identity. They are not synonymous.

What permits individuation is a totally different principle from consciousness. Choice is the process by which the universal potential is actualized. Your free will. “Individuals” have choice and the consequences arise in a greater context. But free will does have limits. Your actions set up a ripple effect. This understanding was the basis of ancient miracles. Action used to be taken with this understanding and just because the understanding is gone doesn’t mean the process has ended.

We are caught in previous ripples. We are affected and do affect. It starts beyond us. We arise from a process that occurs before what we think of as our consciousness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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