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Scientology was based on many of the old teachings and its creator admits to this in his own writing. He just sought to refine it. Make it more intelligible and accessible.

Infinite and Individual in Observation


When everyone is infinite, then who is different? Why does difference even matter? Do you believe you are limited? I am not criticising individuality. I am not deriding the core that allows the infinite to differentiate. When I say namaste I mean it.

So when everyone is infinite who is different? We are all individual and infinite. When you say one thing makes you different, do you believe that one thing is not found elsewhere? Individual history makes us different and links us as well. It is a grand web of endlessly echoing karma.

I am not threatening anyone, or saying that no one has something that they themselves are meant to share, but these ideas are scary aren’t they? The idea that we are not infinite, that we are special, which means narrow, is comforting no? We limit ourselves and say I can do only this. That I am good because of such and such. But can anyone point at any supposed virtue and say this is good of itself?

We do all die, but what is that? Is death the absence of the body? It doesn’t go away. The absence of energy? It doesn’t go away either. It gets absorbed back into the earth. Is that somehow dissolution?

What of the Gaia effect? The fact that the planet seems to behave as a single large organism, even to the point of electric storms following a pattern. How is the electricity in our brain different?

Where is oblivion? There is nowhere that the zero point field is not. No such thing as a true void and order is maintained. Balance. Entrainment is a rule. We say space is a void. It isn’t. It is maybe a void in that it doesn’t have the things we like seeing best, but they have found DNA compounds in space itself. I see no evidence for death as people define it anywhere. Does anybody else?

What is consciousness or awareness that it can die? If there is no reality without observation then why isn’t reality all patchy? Maybe there is no absence of observation. Awareness isn’t an action, thinking is an action. And yes, with every action is rest, but the rest point is the source of all action. The zero point is the most powerfully moving point in the universe. It is a state of being which we return to.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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