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Smiles start diplomacy. Conflict resolution without blood shed. Gallons and gallons of too much blood shed and it wasn’t from passion. Was actually very cold. Indoctrinated passion…unnatural.

Direction and Thought in Observation


Now here is something interesting. Some people might think of total awareness and ask what about direction? What about purpose? Lots of people stumble over things like the law of attraction because in the popular material something is missing. Can’t be helped, it is the nature of the media. But tell me, can anyone interact with what they fail to observe?

If you don’t notice me coming up behind you, I am not real to you until I interact with you. I am real perhaps in a universal sense, but that raises other questions. Who says consciousness is limited to the human brain or even animal brains? Much evidence and many traditional teachings point out that it is not.

Consciousness isn’t limited to who can speak. My speech as a child was delayed. But I assure you I did indeed think. Again observation versus ideation. What is life? There is no material difference between the materials in my body and the exact same materials in the earth. Why supposedly am I alive?

If I am alive then maybe the ancient shamans were right, and everything is alive? Everything is capable of interaction and everything moves. The energy in the rock is not static. It absorbs and emits and shifts over time. We are masses of atoms, just like the objects around us, and the atoms are ultimately wave points. In a system of waves defined by their interaction. The zero point field , the energetic bottom line, and the field that was responsible for the cataclysm that created matter.

My mind is not my mind, nor is yours yours. There ultimately is only mind. A property of the first matter according to the alchemists from which all other matter derived. There is no evidence to support that we own our minds, and we didn’t create them. So why supposedly is that what we are? Your being is your being. Do you stop being you with head injury?

There is a collective. Really, identifying it is just a useful model. If you are your mind and I change your mind in this talk, then who are you? Are you still you? I would say yes. There is not only one collective mind, sort of like the platonic nested spheres. Ultimately, everyone does think the same thoughts. Just not at the same time. If I share a thought with you and you think about it, you have thought the same thought as me. You watch TV and think about the news or story or whatever, more thoughts from someone else. They get around. Our thoughts are what we have collected. The ego is a collection of those ideas. Things we have gathered together and labelled “mine”.

It is the result of thought that stays in collective mind. The energy of mind is concerted to action. Information stored in memory. The statue bears the memory of the artists thought. What is in your mind and what is in your world are not separate. What changes in you will change what you do, how you relate, and what you put into the collective memory, but we don’t all make the same choices. We don’t all have the same locus of attention. Look at modern artists. Do any say, I had no influences?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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