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Energy Moving in Material Sympathy

Material Sympathy

Today we are talking about a concept I phrased as “material sympathy”, and I’m hoping it will offer at least interesting ideas if not meaningful insights.

We perceive a world that we tend to define by its apparent material compositions, yet matter itself is just one state that energy can assume. Specifically, when energy has rest mass and can be detected as occupying a volume of space, you have matter. It’s possible that rest mass itself is a by-product of the force field of the Higgs Boson working on other forms of energy, even.

So let’s start perhaps with the most readily obvious aspect of our awareness, our conscious down to earth waking life, the body. On the surface, the body would seem rather stable and persistent wouldn’t it?

Yes, it has persistence, other than aging. And yet that persistence is only possible through ongoing processes of work or energy moving through space. Stop that energy from moving along the ordered paths it does, and your body would not simply die, it would cease to exist.

Many of these processes have the general label of being unreal. What does unreal mean anyway? Non-material? Having no basis in sensible reality?

Un-detectable? Ah, then things like most of our biological processes would fall into that category for most people, no?

Perhaps so because we don’t detect them, although there are MRI’s and such.

Our lymph system is pretty unreal for most people.

What portion of a rock is a rock?

All of it? So if you take part of the rock it is no longer a rock?

It somehow feels to me to be a different rock.

Mandelbrot asked a similar question about coastlines. And found that in fact coastlines are a complex structure that has an order beyond the visibly detectable elements. That’s not his summary but my own. These distillations of order and patterns that don’t equate directly to physical experience make up perhaps the bulk of scientific understanding.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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