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Life seems to deal in a quantum way, in whole units.

Drop the Red Tide Wave in Perth

Perth Rune

Perhaps the clearest example of the process I am trying to describe… We all are familiar with our social trance, yes? The role we are used to playing and the behavior that has become habit? Ever have a moment where your ability to ride that wave snapped? You just couldn’t keep balanced with it? Did you go right back to trying? Did you want to?

We all want a different mode of being in those moments, even if we can’t put it in words. Even if we can’t clearly depict it in our thoughts, we instinctively want it. On a gut level we want to drop the red tide wave we live in. This different mode of being is innate to you.

We want to be true to our own selves, not to the masses. That perceived split is why we fail to recover our board, find our feet. There is no split between you and the masses. There is a split between the masses and reality. What you are really seeking is not to remove yourself from the people around you, but to be actually present, real and fully aware, work from your own understanding, say what you know in the core of your being to say, because on a deep, instinctive level, you know that is the only truth you actually have, and it’s the only thing you really have to share.

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Ever just remain silent when someone tries to strike up an argument? What about making a nonsense statement when someone is too immersed in a dramatic “reality”?

I’ve done that. See, it comes naturally.

It will probably piss them off. I would rather piss them off than piss them on. What if we all lived exactly as this intuition would guide us? This perception, what would the world be like?

Happy, productive. Perhaps a lot less red tape? No meaningless institutions? Leaders picked because they genuinely inspired confidence? There was some merit to tribalism and feudalism. You knew the war chief and his crew were the strongest your tribe had to offer.

The Olympics were indeed a way to promote peace, but do you know how exactly that was accomplished? By their structured and ritualized displays of physical prowess deliberately chosen to illustrate specific abilities, they were showing what their potential enemies risked facing in a confrontation, like a large scale trial by champion. The javelin throw killed if used outside of that arena. It was meant to.

What can we do with our current “real life” reality? On a personal level I mean, and also, what could you do with the reality I described? Thoughts? Have I covered “Perth” the rune of initiation adequately? Given a sense of its meaning and use?

Display your prowess so as to scare away competitors?

Pursuing that “path” that feels authentic — for myself.

Display your love so as to attract receptive partners? Many men do miserably in dating, and it has nothing to do with their looks. How many men show natural feeling on their faces? Women either for that matter? Ever had someone just honestly smile at you?

People that show a loving nature tend to attract partners. It’s why babies have everyone wanting to hold them. Those eyes and that smile are something adults are hungry for contact with. We still have it in our hearts. We just have to get out from under “real life.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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