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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Trust Your Feet in Perth

Perth Rune

The course of events isn’t “coincidental.” Everything is happening, has happened, and will happen against the same backdrop of persistent reality it always has no matter how much we try take it apart and declare one system as being separate from another. Your stairs climb your tower. My stairs climb mine. Our stairs exist in a world where stairs are not only possible but absolutely necessary.

So though we ascend what would appear to be separate stairways, there is really only the one principle stairway being repeated again and again, an endless matrix or fractal lattice. The entire universe is one set of stairs, one grain of sand, one second of time, spread out over infinite dimension.

Buying the stairway to heaven? You can’t buy it. It has no owner. You can’t sell it, there is nowhere to transfer it to.

Can’t fall out of the cosmos, no matter how hard you might try. Indeed.

Another way to understand this rune is to consider this statement. The statement is “you’re already dead, live anyway.” You have already failed, you won anyway. See how this truth runs through your life? Why do we get so upset if this is true?

Over and over and over again. Perhaps I can speak to that. It’s because someone has vandalized the stairs. They have painted a picture over the stairs that obscures their presence and purpose. They have redefined the stairs to the point that you can no longer ask even where they might be. That’s why we get lost, confused and afraid. Ever walk down a bank of loose rocks? How did you succeed at that?

Slipping and sliding. Ever see someone who seems to do it well?

Maybe a surfer. Can they explain how they do it?

No, but they seem to be kind of running with it? Exactly. The process I have spoken of is something that can’t adequately be described with words, nor can it be understood with thought, but you feel a sense of ability relating to it, yes? Like you have some innate faculty that would carry you forward?

I do, sometimes, yes. Why only sometimes? Probably because of all those phony pictures covering up the stairs.

The way forward is simple. Trust your feet, trust your feelings, not your emotional habits. Ever hear a surfer talking about how they have to trust the wave and their board? Emotional habits are dead weight, dwarfed and useless limbs. Feelings are alive and vital and strong.

It reminds me of “Dharma Bums” when Kerouac is hesitant hiking up a mountain, realizes he can’t fall off, and runs and jumps all the way down. An excellent example. He understood something very deeply, even if perhaps despite himself. The reality you cannot see can be felt. The presence you cannot see can be heard. You haven’t lost your ability to engage the reality I have been speaking of. You have just fallen off of your board. It’s still tethered to your ankle.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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