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Okay to Trust Yourself in Humble Opinion

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. Benjamin Spock

What I’m Hanging Hope On Today: Every day is full of experience. Even the most stubbornly ignorant individual can’t get through the day without having picked up at least a little new information. They don’t recognize this because they don’t consciously think about the new information. What’s also not commonly understood is that you can’t absorb new information without “thinking” about it.

With or without your conscious attention the information gets processed anyway. Stranger still, this processing is clearer and more accurately a reflection of your deeply held values and feelings than your deliberate thinking is. When you are deliberately thinking, your attention is always focused outward which gives everything a supposedly objective context, generally ignoring any of your personal strengths and assets.

When you relax and trust that your mind will do what you spent such a very long time training it to do, it never misses a beat and can even go so far as to call up supposedly long forgotten memories to further strengthen your skill and judgement.

So don’t worry, be happy, and you will express your potential fully.

It’s gonna be okay. What do you say?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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