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Sanity Dysfunction in Humble Opinion

Sanity is a cozy lie. Susan Sontag

Why I Am Dysfunctional Today: We all look for clarity in our lives. Each of us is motivated to varying degrees of intensity.

To me, life seems both amazingly intense and to an equal degree abstract, at the same time. I find myself chronically at a loss to see the point of all the sound and fury, and when I think maybe I just might understand something, I have an experience that reveals it to be almost completely irrelevant.

I have tried to give up my search for truth as my experience has shown time and time again that the only things that work are rational lies. I have taken these apart and put them back together in so many ways that I’ve forgotten the original ideas I started from, and the principle still holds true.

They say that one should “Keep it real” and until now that advice has confused me. What I think they mean to say is, “Know your story and stick to it.” So in that spirit I have continued to break it down and share it as much as I can.

Extra illusion for all! Why don’t you have some more?

That‘s my dysfunctional self. What’s yours?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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